Can/Am June Edition 2023, Volume 16 Issue 4
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This Week in Canadian EdTech MindShareTV with Jason Trinh, Coordinator of Global Competencies and STEM/ICT, TDSB, for a Sneak Peek & Inspiration Behind His ISTELive Keynote
Welcome to our June Special ISTELive CanAm EdTech Report. In this issue, we illuminate the latest EdTech trends, research and news stories to keep you at the forefront of innovation in education!
As proud media partners of ISTELive North America's largest EdTech conference, our featured guest in this issue on MindShareTV is Canada's very own Jason Trinh, award-winning, coordinator global competencies STEM/ICT Educator from Toronto District School Board, who is the keynote speaker at ISTE, June 25-29, Philadelphia. Jason is the past recipient of the ISTE Digital Equity Award, and was named to the ISTE Top 20 to Watch List!
As part of our ISTELive promotion, we are awarding two VIP passes to ISTELive. Here's your challenge! The first to tweet tagging @mindsharelearn, "I'm going to #ISTELive and the #MindShareReport #CanAm VIP Reception" (including a Fun pic) and you will qualify to WIN 2 Passes valued at $1,490 USD!
The 26th ISTE MindShare CanAM VIP Reception stage is set at the iconic Centre for Architecture & Design. We are also honoured to parnter with ISTE, Upenn Catalyst and ClassLink as host partners. Click here to RSVP as a valued MindShare community member. Spaces are limited!  
Be sure to tune into yesterday's recorded MindShareTV podcast in conversation with Diane Doersch, Chair, COSN, as we unpacked the recent Consortium for School Networking (CoSN) Leadership Report. Diane is truly a legend in EdTech as a former CTO/CIO, who advocates strongly for women in tech.
As we refine the theme of Canada's 14th National EdTech Summit in Ottawa Nov 2-3, I welcome your feedback on, " Empowering Innovative & Sustainable Learning Environments for the Future." How does this resonate? No it wasn't created via ChatGPT, but it did suggest adding, "for the Future!" Please drop me a note to share your thoughts! 
Special thanks to our Schools of the Future [Student Invention] Challenge contest entrants and sponsors. Will be announced at ISTELive June 26th! 
Highlights not to be missed in this issue below:
  1. Apple Vision Pro in Education and Learning. 
  2. InnovateHERS Podcast Series Episode 8 with Featuring Co-author Kathy Hurley in Conversation with Specials Guests, Carol Ann Waugh and Jennifer Ferrari  Garner insights on why Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurial Women Rise to the Top!
  3. ECNO Conference Spotlight. Congratulations to Award Winners Paulla Bennett, CIO York Region District School Board and Chris Dale, recently retired from London District Catholic School Board.
  4. ViewSonic Panel and Myviewboard Whiteboard Product Review, Tim Gard, Chief Learning Strategist.

  5. Only one-third of districts have a full-time employee dedicated to cybersecurity.
  6. Upcoming FREE Professional Learning edWebinars Hosted by our Partner!
  7. Join us for the Official Launch of the Canadian EdTech Industry Alliance and Expert Panel Discussion on the Future of AI in Education, June 20th 6-9 PM ET MindShare Workspace.

As a member of our growing MindShare community, we are grateful for your kind and constructive feedback that motivates our team to provide you with mission critical research and insights to keep you at the forefront of innovation in education. Please keep your news and comments coming!


Special thanks to our team and board of advisors for sharing their passion in moving the innovation needle forward across Canada and beyond. 


In closing, as this is a special time of year, we congratulate educators and graduates of both K12 and (post-secondary) higher education, and celebrate you for your successes!


Until next time, keep the digital learning curve steep!
Robert Martellacci, M.A. EdTech
Founder & President, MindShare Learning Technology™
Chief Digital Publisher, The MindShare Learning Report™
Founder, MindShare Workspace--Your Place to Work & Learning
CEO & Co-founder, C21 Canada--Canadians for 21st Century Learning & Innovation

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Join us for the Official Launch of the Canadian EdTech Industry Alliance and Expert Panel Discussion on the Future of AI in Education, June 20th 5PM ET MindShare Workspace
MindShare is a Proud Media Partner with ISTE23!
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ECNO Conference Spotlight
This week marked the ECNO Annual IT conference for Ontario tech leaders. This event has become the one not to miss for education and industry. As much as the conference was focused on tech & professional learning, equally important was the opportunity to reconnect with colleagues, enjoying golf, social events and appreciating the power of informal learning. Congrats to ECNO award winners Paulla Bennett and Chris Dale. 
A fantastic couple of days at ECNO 2023 connecting & learning with some of Canada's top education, technology & industry leaders. 
ECNO organizers recognizing the EdTech company sponsors! It trully takes a village! 
Day 1 ECNO 2023 conference golf tournament!  Can't be all work and no play!
Congratulations ECNO Award Winners!
Dan Cousineau Award – Chris Dale, recently retired from London District Catholic School Board – presented by Brad Ross (EAC Chair) and Wayne Toms (Executive Director)
Sandra Quehl Award – Winner Paulla Bennett, York Region District School Board – presented by Heather Watts (Sandra’s partner) and Wayne Toms (Executive Director)
ViewSonic Panel and Myviewboard Whiteboard Review 
By Tim Gard, Chief Learning Strategist 
VewSonic IFP6550 4K Ultra HD Interactive Flat Panel and MVW Software Suite
Interactive panels have become a cornerstone of modern education, revolutionizing how students and teachers interact with content. But what makes one panel stand out from another in this competitive market? One key differentiator is the combination of hardware and software each company offers. A later entrant to the market, ViewSonic has benefited from examining existing hardware and software and innovating accordingly. Interactive panel hardware across assorted brands tends to offer similar features and warranties, with occasional innovation setting one company apart from another. One area where significant variation occurs is in the software suites each company provides. 
The variations occur more with the approach rather than the content. For example, most major interactive panel software for education will offer similar tools, offline and student interactivity via a portal and some great resources to make the user experience as intuitive and effective as possible. ViewSonic has had the luxury of taking a broad view of the current software for interactive panels and made some unique and, I believe, impactful changes.
15th Schools of the Future [Student Invention] Challenge Contest Closed!
MindShareTV in Conversation with Diane Doersch, Chair, COSN, as they unpack the recent Consortium for School Networking (CoSN) Leadership Report
2023 State of EdTech Leadership Survey
In the classrooms of 2023, cybersecurity, rapid changes in technology, necessities for off-campus access, dramatic increases in the quantity of digital resources and devices, and the lack of interoperability between systems have expanded the scope and depth of those responsibilities even further. Click Here
MindShareTV Innovate HERs Podcast Series Episode 8 Featuring Co-author Kathy Hurley in Conversation with Specials Guests, Carol Ann Waugh and Jennifer Ferrari. Garner insights on why Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurial Women Rise to the Top!
Quote of the Month
This quote of the Month via Amber Mac's Opening Keynote at the ECNO 2023 Conference
Featured Books of the Month
Upcoming FREE Professional Learning edWebinars Hosted by our Parntner
Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst and Cyber Legends announce partnership to equip Canadian students with critical cybersecurity skills, May 30, 2023

How should we teach with AI? The feds have 7 fresh edtech ideas, May 24, 2023

Building Canada's Youth Talent in BIO-TECH Innovation, June 6, 2023
Only one-third of districts have a full-time employee dedicated to cybersecurity, May 30, 2023
Bluum Showcases Cutting-Edge Educational Technology Solutions at ISTE 2023, May 31, 2023

Apple Vision Pro in Education and Learning, June 5, 2023

Venture Capital Has Plummeted in Education. How Can Companies Find Alternate Financing?, May 25, 2023

USask supports ethical use of AI tools by students, May 29, 2023

Driving onto the world stage: The Ontario Tech Project Arrow story, June 5, 2023

Microsoft vets lead secretive education startup using generative AI to help students learn, May 31, 2023
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MindShare Advisory Board
The MindShare Report is grateful for the guidance and support provided by our esteemed advisory board. 

Kevin Custer, Founding Principal, Arc Capital Development 
Chip Fesko, President, Fesko Inc.
Ian Fogarty, Educator, Riverview High School | MindShare National Video Challenge Award Winner 
Dr. Guy Tetrault, Award Winning Sun West Director & CEO (Retired)
Michael Furdyk, Co-Founder, TakingItGlobal 
Dr. Eric Hamilton, Associate Dean of Education, Pepperdine University, Graduate School of Education and Psychology 
Maxim Jean-Louis, CEO, Contact North/Contact Nord, 
Gary Kern, Director of Learning, St. George's School 
Dr. Susanne Lajoie, Professor, Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology, McGill University 
David Marsi, Practice Management Consultant - Private Wealth (Specialist, Developing Talent), BMO Private Wealth
Mirella Rossi, Superintendent of Education, Simcoe Muskoka Catholic District School Board
Sandra Chow, Award Winning Teacher, Toronto District School Board 
Ron Sedran, MD, Equity Capital Markets, Canaccord Adams
Zelia Capatao-Tavares, Award-Winning Educator, Toronto District School Board
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